On medical brand names, I tend to be on the non-intervention side of medical treatment unless necessary. Raising my twins, they've had some skin issues and QV cream was recommended.

I learnt that QV cream was developed for the Queen Victoria hospital, hence the name. Got an instant pass just on that -- local, few ingredients, nurse involvement, excellent branding.


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"Where is the story of Genghis Khan in the original Mongolian?"


I saw it in the local art-house theater when it was released and remember enjoying it, although it isn't as memorable to me now as "Apocalypto."

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Concerning Apocalypto:

The film's main message (,,,) it doesn’t matter whether you are conquered by natives or foreigners, you and your wife and children bleed the same" seems not very original to me , but maybe new to the Woke.

Personally I didn't like Apocalypto because of the wanton cruelty.

There were no gory scenes, but I recoiled because of the pleasure of the Mayans while making their victims suffer. As if I was watching undiluted evil. I especially remember the scene were the captives, tied together with a yoke, almost slip into a ravine. The evilest Mayan doesn't help them in any way but revels in their fear and predicament .

The same in The Passion of the Christ: the men who flog Jesus really enjoy their work and clearly are evil.

The main emotion I remember while watching these movies is disgust. I felt literally sick. Somehow this was enhanced by the original languages used in both films.

I guess there are people like that who enjoy making other people suffer but it is hard to comprehend. Those two films make me suspect Mel Gibson himself enjoys seeing people suffer (and I don't if this is true know of course).

I really like reading your blog by the way. I encountered it today and have been reading quite a few of your posts already while procastrinating.

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