SolChicks and the leap from Finance to Crypto-Gaming

SolChicks and the leap from Finance to Crypto-Gaming

Lewis Grafton left private equity to cofound and raise US$55m for a pre-launch crypto-native game (SolChicks)

I have profound admiration for anyone who takes the leap to start something new, and I was excited to talk to Lewis to see how he did it. Cherry on top: he’s expecting his second baby with his wife shortly.

We speak about:

  • What is SolChicks

  • What’s special about gaming on the blockchain

  • How do you back yourself as finance guys to build a winning game experience

  • Working remotely from Australia and the global team

  • Day-to-day work in the early days

  • What SolChicks is doing differently, including innovations in fundraising

  • Going from zero to one

  • Taking the leap to a new career

  • Why gaming is a such a powerful sector and systemically underrated

  • Is Play-to-Earn dystopian?

  • 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 kids