Space factories 🚀 with Delian Asparouhov

Space factories 🚀 with Delian Asparouhov

Fun conversation with Delian Zebulgar, who is both a full time VC investor at Founders Fund and a co-founder of space manufacturing startup Varda. What better excuse to speak to a guy? I discover the space economy is much closer and bigger today than most people think. Also pleased and surprised to learn that Australia and New Zealand are up there in terms of pushing the space frontier - yet another reason to be bullish the region.


We talk about:

  • Space factories!

  • What a mature space ecosystem looks like

  • How he walks the line between exploring opportunities and focusing on doing something great, which is something I struggle with a lot as well

  • What makes a great operator

  • What he disagrees about with some of the people we both admire most

  • How he made his best public markets trade ever by betting against Peter Thiel

  • What impact his Eastern European immigrant background has had on him

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Let’s go!