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Late to the post but I found this one moving. It also reflects many of my thoughts as I've become a mother. Much to my children's chagrin, we are making them go to weekly language school and I am pushing for them to go to religious classes once a week once old enough. I tell my husband I want to provide scaffolding for my children so that they can build upon their ethnic and religious roots. Continuity with the past and our ancestry is important, especially in a modern world where everyone is always focused on the future.

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My parents had an interesting take. Soviet immigrants, they ended up sending me to a religious orthodox school in the US. This was quite difficult for me, as I became more religious than them, and also often felt shame. Then I chose to go to a secular school and over time, became less religious (actually becoming and choosing not be religious were instantaneous, but the practice gains steam and drops away at a slower rate - for example, I still do not eat pig). Then later, my mother became religious and would get frustrated that I wasn't. I ended up marrying someone jewish who is not super interested in keeping the practice, so I probably have more dispute with him than I would with my Colombian boyfriend who wanted to convert to Judaism. All that being said, the Jewish practice is varied, and with different levels of religiousness, can make t very hard to match the "practice" of Judaism even within a family, especially when the practice is new generationally speaking.

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Misha, a gitten moed! I got here via Scott Alexander. I'm enjoying your posts, especially this one. Forgive the naked self-promotion, but I've written a book called Judaism Straight Up: Why Real Religion Endures that I think will resonate. This review in the Jewish Review of Books should give you the flavor: https://jewishreviewofbooks.com/articles/9532/when-heidi-met-shimen/

I'm happy to send you a copy.

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Are you doing this progression with Chabad? A modern orthodox shul? Something else?

My wife and I are at the beginning of a similar journey. Thanks!

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