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Eh, woman in the Bible were often troublemakers regardless of polygamy (if they played any real role at all).

Saying Eve is the ideal, and the polygamous Patriarchs don't refute this because their wives made trouble, is ridiculous.

One wife was the one who brought man to leave Eden.

In regards to why Jews don't do polygamy, Christians were clamping down on the practice in Europe, pushing Rabbeinu Gershom to make that decree for political reasons. Jews have since engaged in mountains of backwards rationalization, and have otherwise turned to modern values. (Yemenite jews practiced polygamy until very recently.)

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Great read, this helped me understand how our lives have changed sexually. Also depressing since this dynamic seems unlikely to change on its own.

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This is excellent and was really fun to read but there is one thing that should be corrected: Leah did not stop having children after Judah. She later bore Issachar and Zebulon, as described in Genesis 30:14-20.

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Did Ashkenazi Jews practice a version of the Church’s Marriage and Family Plan when their population exploded during their residence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (maybe mimesis in action)? In other words, how did Jews of that time and place approach cousin marriage, remarriage, etc?

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