What’s Kvetch?

I’m glad you found me. If you’ve landed here you’re probably curious and a little weird. Nowhere else on the internet will you find something at this particular cross-section of cultural commentary, TV and movies, books, geopolitics, and religion.

Know the element of irreducible rascality in yourself

— Alan Watts

This place is like the barbershop in Coming to America. Maybe it’s the one guy with many faces (Eddy Murphy). Or the old Jew (Eddy Murphy). Perspective wrapped in a wry joke.

I try and post weekly. Sometimes there’s a podcast. It’s all free. You can start with 2023 or 2022 Kvetching & Books to get a sense of what Kvetch is all about.

Here’s a sample of posts:

Culture & History

Lyndon B. Johnson

Book reviews



Australia: Sub-Imperial Power

Zionism for Aboriginal Australians

Australia and her Jews


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Kvetching on vigs, chutzpah and bubkis


Know the element of irreducible rascality in yourself